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Newest Member of the Pack – Day 1

July 5, 2009

Sasha, my latest addition

Sasha, my latest addition

Kali & Oliver

Kali & Oliver

Today Kali, Oliver & I (& my ex, because his vehicle has air conditioning!) met Mouse in LA. I think I’m going to change her name to Sasha, since her ‘rescue mom’ picked Mouse & she doesn’t really respond to it. Kali, who usually barks her head off at any & all dogs in sight, barked a few times & then calmed down. They lunged at each other a little & Kali actually rolled on the ground, I think because her leash tripped her. After that all 3 got along fine. Sasha even joined in a little when Kali barked at a few dogs.

The rescue place – Lhasa Happy Homes (LHH) – thinks she’s part Schnauzer. She might be…definitely has the same coloring. She has big giant perky ears with purple bows (to be removed soon!). Her legs are very long & although she weighs less than Kali & Oliver she is taller than both of them. LHH thinks she’s 7 or 8 years old. She’s extremely thin & I wonder if her back legs work properly, because she had a little trouble jumping up on the couch…or maybe she just wasn’t sure if it was OK. She does look a little wobbly sometimes. She has a long, thin tail…maybe it’s a Schnauzer tail that wasn’t docked? Her head is bigger & her muzzle is longer. She has pretty, expressive eyes. So far she’s let me touch her feet, her ears, her tummy & clean her eyes without any hesitation or pulling away. She does have a few lumps that I will tell the vet about…but Kali does too & they’re benign. Her teeth are a little yellowed – LHH said they were in horrible shape when they got her. They rescued her from a high-kill shelter…don’t know why her family left her there, with bows in her hair. They called & wanted to take her back home but never showed up to get her. (Although the paperwork I got said she was a stray…?)

They assured me her health is fine, gave me some food for her & off we went. Kali & Oliver rode in the back & I held Sasha in the front seat. Everyone was very quiet on the 90 minute ride home. I don’t think anyone fed her today though, because she seemed very hungry & thirsty.

When we got home we went directly outside – where she immediately went potty. I showed her the dog door, tapped it, & she went right through. She’s taller so she has to duck a little bit – but I think we can raise it an inch or so.

She was extremely hungry…fed her the food they gave me, Life’s Abundance. It’s a really good, high quality food, but I’ll have to switch her because it has oats in it. Kali is allergic to oats & tries to steal everybody’s food, so all food has to be OK for her to eat. Oliver eats Natural Balance so that’s what she’ll get, along with green beans & other veggies now & then.

After everybody had lunch (I had Taco Bell in the truck…even though she was hungry & sitting in my lap she was quite polite & didn’t beg much) it was another trip outside…I held the door flap open & she went through.

That’s when the trouble started…she sat near me & growled at the other 2 when they came close. At one point I thought she might snap at Oliver. Oliver is the sweetest boy in the whole world & now he’s looking at me like, What have you done to us, Mommy?? Also when we’re walking around the living room she does this growly-whimpery thing. They told me she was needy, which is fine with me – just so long as she doesn’t try to push the other dogs out. Kali is independent & doesn’t need much reassurance…if you’re out of the room for more than 3 minutes though, she has to come find out what you’re doing. But Oliver is also pretty needy…sometimes he puts his paws on my legs & just wants me to pick him up & hold him. I did this & Sasha growled at us. I’m trying to be a good leader…I haven’t really needed to before, as everyone just got along naturally.

Now Sasha is having growling contests with Kali, who is very dominant. I know Kali will snap if provoked, but I’ve only seen her do it when food was involved. Should I let them work it out or try to step in & break them up? So far they are only nose to nose & no one has made a lunge or anything. She also tried it with Oliver but he just turns away & hides his face…he’s completely submissive to everyone.


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Congratulations on your new blog and on your new puppy! I’m sure you guys will work out the family status…. it will eventually work out! Good luck! 🙂

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